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The Swing
Full shots constitute less than 45% of the scoring in golf for almost all levels of players. Yet whenever golfers gather, the full swing monopolizes the practice time, the effort and the conversation.
"The swing," as it is more commonly called (as though there were just one), can be made in a variety of angles, shapes and sizes while still being effective.  Because there is no one solution for finding a swing style that fits all, there is no universal agreement on which style is best. So people keep searching and expounding upon their results, which explains titles of books like The Search For The Perfect SwingThe swing mystique continues because there is no simple solution.
Few golfers today have had any type of structured learning. They go to the range and hit balls without any goal or method in mind hoping they will get better. When actually they are training themselves poor golf habits.

To become an exceptional golfer there must be an understanding of three principles; Practice, Play and Process. We will work together to get the most out of your practice time. Learn to play effective golf so you can break 100, 90 or 80. Learn your golf swing, know your faults and how to correct them. Learn how to take your practice (work) to the course making golf enjoyable and fun.