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About: Gary Botkin
Class A member of PGA Certified in Teaching and Coaching, Head Professional at Stonebrooke Golf Club, Shakopee, MN 55379.  

Gary has a real passion for golf and helping others to achieve their golfing goals and desires.  I believe the mental attitude is the most powerful tool we have. The set up determines the motion, and if you really want to lower your score? Practice and develop your short game.
The importance of properly fit equipment and a well performing golf swing can really increase the enjoyment we get from playing golf.
Giving private and group lessons since 2010 has given me a real appreciation for the students I teach and how each one has different needs and goals.   
Golf is a great game and I truly enjoy helping people get better and learn how to play.

Interested in learning more?
Seven tips to taking a Lesson:
1. Agree on instructional objectives:  
Set a goal, put a time frame on it, consider your ability and how much time and effort you will devote to the undertaking.
2. Be an active learner:
Ask questions. Learning is the learner's responsibility.
3. Find a comfortable matchup of teaching style and your learning style:
To do this, ask yourself the following. How do I best learn?
Do you like detail, or the big picture? Are you a better learner with words, pictures or feel?
Communicate your desired style to the teacher you have.
4. Avoid false modesty, but beware of pride and ego:
Be objective and honest when the professional asks you questions about your game.
Don't hide weaknesses, including health or physical problems, or exaggerate strengths.
Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand.
5. Avoid non-compliance:
When you get a golfing prescription, take it, give it a chance.
6. Practice, Practice, Practice:
Failure to practice or letting your practice become aimless and disorganized not only wastes the practice time, but the lesson time as well.
7. Patience, Patience, Patience:
Don't expect miracle cures. Improvement takes time. Swing patterns are habits, and habits don't change quickly.

The lesson thus becomes a team effort. The professional is sharing, directing and guiding, while the student needs, most of all, to be assimilating, striving and cooperating.